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How To Start Your Own Betting Tips Website In Nairobi, Kenya

Jackline Akinyi / November 16, 2017

Betting has become the new craze in Nairobi, Kenya. If you are an ardent follower of football matches, chances are you are a great betting analyst. The best think about this is that you could share your tips and thoughts and make money out of it, good money.

According to a new research, 76% of Kenyan youths have tried their luck on gambling. The survey also shows that Kenya 
spends the most amount of money on gambling. Most Kenyan youth spend Sh.5,000 a week in betting and sports betting
is the most preferred. 

So, how do you start your own sports betting tips website in Nairobi, Kenya?

There are three fundamental things you need to run a successful betting tips business:

A website.
First thing is to develop a simple and onto-the-point sports betting tip website. Let's be real, your site visitors are 
looking for tips and bet. Your betting tips website should be integrated with bulk SMS to enable you send the 
betting tips to your subscribers. Your site should also be integrated with M-Pesa to enable you receive payment easily.

Your website should be able to sign in subscribers. Remember, for this business, mailing list is key. This is the crux of the business. Without subscribers you don't have a business.

Know your business  model.
What is your business model? There are different ways you could collect your revenue. One is to have your subscribers pay
per SMS or two, they would have a monthly subscription (basically, paying per month). It's also important that you 
integrate your site with bulk SMS so as to enable you send your subscribers the betting tips.

Have a high rate of successful tips on your betting tips website.
If your predictions are less than 85% accurate, then you will certainly lose your subscribers and not get any new 
subscribers and the reverse is true. Hence you need to have a high rate of accurate betting tips for you to retain your subscribers and attract more subscribers.

After the site, spend money and time to let people know about your site. Marketing is paramount. You can market on social media sites.

There is much that goes into owning a successful sports betting tips website and we will be happy to help you start your own sports betting tips website in Nairobi, Kenya.